• Cavalry
  • Mahout
  • Siege
  • Infantry
  • Archer
Divine - Robin Hood

Class Warrior

Robin Hood is a heroic figure in English folklore, known as the Earl of Huntington. He is outstanding in martial arts, wit and courage, and hates officials and priests. He is a hero of the green forest who robs the rich and helps the poor.

  • [Rapid Shot]

    Make a randomly 3-5 attacks to opposite enemy. Each deals DMG equal to 50%/60% of ATK, ignores 20%/30% of the target's DEF and has a 60%/100% chance to inflict [DMG Amp]. Targets with [DMG Amp] take +30% DMG.

  • [Hawk Eyes]

    ATK +25%/40%, HP +15%/20%, Crit Rate +10%/15%. When ally heroes attack, follow attack or counter attack, Divine Robin Hood launches a Basic ATK for 70% DMG (triggers up to 5 times per round).

  • [Arrow of Light]

    Skills and Basic ATK have a 100% chance to grant the [Arrow Light]. Triggers up to 6 times per round. After taking action, if Divine Robin Hood has 15 stacks of Arrow Light, consumes all [Arrow Light] stacks to cast [Scared Arrow Rain]. [Arrow Light] grants +1%/1.6% ATK. [Scared Arrow Rain] deals 85%/100% DMG to all enemies.

  • [Prayer of Holy Light]

    Enter [Divine Light] form when HP drops below 50%, dispelling all debuff and control effects and gaining +10%/15% DMG and +3%/5% DMG Reduction. Lasts until the battle ends and cannot be dispelled.

Divine - Jiang Ziya

Class Mage

Jiang Ziya, courtesy name Shang Fu, was a statesman, military man and tactician in the late Shang and early Zhou dynasties, the founding father of the Zhou Dynasty and the founder of military science.

He was highly respected by later generations of emperors and literary and historical texts as the progenitor of the military school, the sage of martial arts, and the patriarch of all schools of thought. During the reign of Emperor Su of Tang Dynasty, he was posthumously named King Wucheng and set up a temple of worship for him.

  • [God Tamer Whip]

    Deals DMG equal to 81%97%/117%/ of ATK to enemies in the front row with a 70%/73%/76% chance to inflict [Crack], reducing the target's DEF by 30%/35%/40% for 2 rounds.

  • [Divinity]

    ATK +5%/10%/15%, HP +15%/25%/35%, SPD +10/20/30

  • [Investiture of Gods]

    Recover all allies' HP by 98%/118%/142%/162% ATK and increase their ATK by 15%/20%/25%/25% for 2 rounds (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds).

  • [Commandment]

    Basic ATK has a 50%/60% chance to inflict Penetration effect on the enemy to decrease 30% DEF for 3 rounds

Divine - Ying Zheng

Class Warrior

Ying Zheng, commonly known as "Qin Shi Huang". He became king at the age of 13, 247 BC. He adopted the title "Emperor(Huang Di)" from the three sovereigns(Huang) and the five emperors(Di) and was the first person who use this title

He laid the foundation of China's political system for more than 2,000 years, was praised as "the emperor of the ages" by Li Zhi, a thinker of the Ming Dynasty.

  • [Ancient Emperor]

    Deal DMG equal to 165%/206%/249% of ATK DMG to 1 enemy in the front row. This attack ignores 30%/35%/40% of DEF. Deals +15%/20%/30% DMG to targets inflicted with Divine Emperor Wu's [Holy Fire].

  • [Ancestral Dragon]

    ATK +15%/25%/35%, Crit Rate +5%/5%/10%, Crit DMG +10%/15%/20%, DMG taken/time not exceed 40%/35%/30% HP

  • [Chain Strike]

    Each attack has a 50%/60%/70% chance to launch an extra attack for 70%/85%/100%/130% DMG.

  • [Insurgency quell]

    When being attacked, there is a 30%/40%/50% chance to counterattack by Basic ATK.

Divine - Cao Cao

Class Mage

Cao Cao, whose real name was Jili and courtesy name Meng De, was the founder of the state of Cao Wei.

He used poetry and prose to express his political ambitions and reflect the plight of the people, and was a representative figure of Wei and Jin literature. At the same time, Cao Cao was good at calligraphy, and Zhang Huaiguan of the Tang Dynasty rated Cao Cao's chapter cursive as a "wonderful work".

  • [Starry Sky]

    Make a 5-hit combo against all enemies, dealing total DMG equal to 100%/120%/144% of ATK, has a 10%/20%/30% chance to inflict [Ignite], lose HP equal to 20% of the Divine - Cao Cao's ATK per round for 2 rounds (can be accumulated).

  • [Lofty Aspiration]

    ATK +10%+20%+30%, HP +5%/10%/15%

  • [Moonlit Sky]

    Attacks an enemy 5 times in the next round, deal DMG equal to 364%/+438%/+526% ATK. (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds).

  • [Life is Short]

    Crit Rate +5%/20%/30%, ATK +25%/30%/40%

Divine - Ehuang

Class Mage

Ehuang is an ancient river spirit who resides in Lan Forest, having acted as its spiritual guardian for countless centuries.

She normally remains formless as part of the lake itself, but is capable of shifting into a beautiful woman with long, dark hair, white robes, and skin as clear as water. She rarely emerges from the heart of the forest in order to reveal herself to humans, and as such she has remained a mystery to the local villagers, who have historically feared and respected her.

  • [God of Xiang Shui]

    Deal DMG to 2 random enemies by 124%/156% ATK [Additional 15%/20% chance Stun Mahout for 2 rounds]

  • [Tenacity]

    DEF +6%/9%, HP +4%/6%

  • [Bravery]

    ATK +10%/15%

Mat Kilau

Class Assassin

Mat Kilau is a Legendary Malay Warrior of Pahang and been officially recognized as a patriot and folk hero. He is the only Malay warrior who witnessed the nation’s independence with his very own eyes.

Mat Kilau’s was known for his legendary "obscurity", in which warrior went into oblivion for more than half a century as he was on the run after the British put a price on his head and labelled him a traitor to the Sultan.

  • [Jungle Rumble]

    Deal DMG to the back row enemies by 213%/244%/305% ATK, inflict Bleed DMG by 30% ATK for 3 rounds.

  • [Silat Master]

    ATK +25%/+30%/+40%, Crit Rate +5%/10%/15%, HP +15%/20%/30%

  • [Art of Silat]

    Basic Attack: Deals 15%/20%/30% more DMG to the hero with the lowest HP for 2 rounds.

  • [Jungle Law]

    Increase ATK by 30%/40% when HP is below 80%. for 2 rounds.


Class Mage

Gaius Julius Caesar, known as the Great Caesar, the end of the Roman Republic of outstanding autocracy. Caesar was born into the nobility and served successively as treasurer, chief priest, chief justice, consul, inspector and dictator. In 60 BC, he formed a secret alliance with Pompey and Crassus, and later became governor of Gaul. In eight years, he conquered all of Gaul (present-day France) and attacked Germany and Britain. Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC by members of the Senate led by Brutus. He was 56 years old. After Caesar's death, his nephew and adopted son Octavian defeated Antony to establish the Roman Empire and become the first imperial emperor. Caesar was a great military commander (one of the four great generals of Europe), a statesman, and the founder of the Roman Empire.

  • [Explosive Fist]

    Ceasar deals DMG equal to 108/221/155% of ATK to the column in front of the enemies, with an 80/90/100% chance to inflict [Burn] for 2 rounds. The enemies will [Burn] lose HP equal to 15% of Ceasar's ATK each round (effect can be accumulated).

  • [Emperor's Privilege]

    +5% Physical DMG Mit, +10/15% ATK, +10/20% Power. When attacked, with 100% chance to inflict [Raging Blaze] on the attacker for 2 rounds. Units with [Raging Blaze] lose HP equal to 7% of the caster's max HP every round. If Ying Zheng is also on the battlefield, this attack 100% will crit.

  • [Tyrant]

    Beginning of battle, grants allies in the front row. [Flame Shield] for 4 rounds. Flame Shield effect: counterattack the attacker with 80/90/100% chance to inflict [Burn] on the attacker for 2 rounds. The enemies with [Burn] lose HP equal to 15% of the Ceasar's AT each round (effect can stack up).

  • [First Aid]

    HP below 30%, recover hiimself HP by 200/150/100% ATK (not exceed 85/80/75% MAX HP), activating once/match

Okita Sōji

Class Assassin

Sōji Okita, whose real name was Okita Sōjirō Fujiwara no Harumasa, was a member and become the best swordman of the Shinsengumi at the end of the Bakumatsu period

His signature technique was named the Hyakkidou-ri[8] (which roughly translates as "no light blade" or "unenlightened blade") or Sandanzuki (which translates as "Three Piece Thrust"), a technique that could attack one's neck, left shoulder, and right shoulder with one strike.

  • [Kendo·Green Eyes]

    Deal DMG to the back row enemies by 179%/230%/292% ATK with extra Poison DMG by 16%/21%/26% ATK for 2 rounds

  • [Team 1 Captain]

    ATK+15%/25%/35%, DEF +5%/10%/15%, HP +10%/15%/20%

  • [Sword Prodigy]

    Increase DMG by 20%/30%/40% on the enemies under Poison or Bleed effect

Diao Chan

Class Mage

Diao Chan is a character in the historical novel "Romance of The Three Kingdoms", was one of the four beauties of ancient China.

Legend has it that Diao Chan was worshiping the moon in the back garden when suddenly a light wind blew and a floating cloud covered the bright moon. Wang Yun saw her at this time. In order to publicize his daughter's beauty, Wang Yun would say to everyone he met, "My daughter is more beautiful than the moon, but the moon is not, so he hid behind the clouds." Therefore, diao Chan was called "Closed moon".

  • [Style Blossoms]

    Restores 50%60%70% Rage to a random ally and resets its action. If the target is herself, it restores HP equal to 150%/199%/249% of ATK. If Divine Lu Bu or Lu Bu ias also on the batllefield, prioritize to him and restores 100% of his Rage. (Priority: Divine Lu Bu > Lu Bu)

  • [Scent of Orchid]

    DEF +10%/15%/20%, HP +15%/30%/40%, DMG Reduction +5%/10%

  • [Unrivaled Beauty]

    Baisc Attack increases all allies' ATK by 3%/5%/8%, Crit DMG by 15%/20%/25%

  • [Undying Love]

    Beginning of the match, increase DMG Reduction by 10%/12%/15% of the back row allies for 2 rounds. Revive after death 1 round with 3%/4%/5% MAX HP.

Lu Bu

Class Assassin

Lu Bu, courtesy name Feng Xian, was a famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, called "The Flying General".

Lu Bu was famous for his bravery and was known as the "Flying General", and it was said that "Lu Bu was among men and the Red Rabbit among horses". Because of the influence of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is often called "the first fierce general of the Three Kingdoms".

  • [Divine Halberd]

    Lu Bu deals DMG equal to 163/198/198% of ATK to 3 random enemies (prioritize the back row), and inflicts [Bleed] effect (DMG equal to 20%/30% of ATK for 3 rounds). If the targets are Cavalry Units, this skills have 10%/15% chance to [Silence] them for 1 round.

  • [Invincible Bravery]

    ATK +20%/30%/40%, Crit Rate +10%/15%/20%

  • [Soul Shock]

    Increase DMG by 10%/15%/25% on the enemies under Bleed effect, Basic ATK recovers HP by 15%/20%/30% ATK

  • [Demonic Power]

    Each 5% HP lost increases ATK by 1%/2%/3% (cannot be removed), increase Crti Rate by 5%/7%/10% and Crit DMG by 5%/10% to the end to the match when Diao Chan is dead


Class Mage

Saladin Ayub Ben was the first sultan of the Ayub dynasty of Egypt. In his youth, as his uncle fought south and north, Saladin replaced him as the leader of the crusades after the death of the suzerain. After occupying Aleppo, Saladin assembled his forces to attack the Kingdom of Jerusalem and successfully defeated the Crusaders and regained the city of Jerusalem.

  • [Flaming Thunder]

    Deal DMG to the front row enemies by 245/297/350% ATK and increase all allies SPD by 10/15/20% for 2 rounds

  • [Sunni Hero]

    +15/20/30% ATK, +5/10/20% Physical DEF and Magic DEF, +5/10/15 SPD, and +10/15/25% HP

  • [Leader Wisdom]

    Basic ATK decrease all enemies' SPD by 6/9/12% for 1 round


Class Mage

Cleopatra VII, commonly known as Cleopatra, was the last female pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty in ancient Egypt.

She was a woman of great talent, intelligence, resourcefulness, and skill, who desired power but also protected her country from Roman annexation, and lived a dramatic life. In particular, her involvement in the politics of the late Roman Republic, her close relationship with Caesar and Antony, and the various anecdotes that accompanied her, made her a famous figure in literature and art.

  • [Concealed Healing]

    Cleopatra recovers all allies' HP by 66%/58%/81% of her ATK and increase their ATK by 10%/20%/30% for 2 rounds

  • [Emperor's Mind]

    ATK +10%/15%/20% HP +15%/20%/25%

  • [Spring Breeze]

    Revive and recover 1 ally's HP by 110%/129%/158% ATK Or recover the ally with the lowest HP's HP by 185%/207%/230% ATK if no one is dead (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds).

  • [Cleopatra]

    Recovery effect +5%/10%/15%

Zhao Yun

Class Assassin

Zhao Yun, courtesy name Zi Long, was a native of Zhending County, Changshan County. He was a famous general of Shu Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period.

Zhao Yun was posthumously named "Marquis Shunping" in 261, and his image of "the ever victorious general" was widely spread in later times.

  • [Fearless Charge]

    Zhao Yun deals DMG equal to 245%/297%/350% of ATK to a column of enemies, and restores HP equal to 60%/80%/100% of his ATK for the lowest HP'S ally.

  • [Fearless Courage]

    ATK +10%/20%/30%, DEF +30%/35%/40%, HP +10%/15%/20%

  • [Enemies Bane]

    When being ATK, recover HP by 10%/15%/60% ATK

  • [Lone Rescuer]

    Beginning of the match, grant Protection effect on 1/2/3 random ally to be immune to deadly ATK once/match

Hua Mulan

Class Warrior

The story of Hua Mulan first appeared in the Northern Wei Dynasty and has been passed down to this day. The emperor of the Tang Dynasty also posthumously named her "General Xiaolie".

Hua Mulan is a pure, filial and brave woman who is one of the four legendary heroes of ancient China and has been loved and respected by the Chinese people for thousands of years.

  • [Skysplitter]

    Deal DMG to the enmy with the lowest HP by 40%/68% ATK and recover the ally with the lowest HP's HP by 150%/180% ATK

  • [Girls Power]

    HP +8%/12%, HP Recovery increased by 20%/30% ATK when attacked

  • [Bravery]

    ATK +4%/8%, DEF +1%/2%

Demonic - Tamamo

Class Assassin

Tamamo-chan is a legendary beauty who appeared at the end of the Heian period, during the administration of Emperor Toba's court, transformed by a white-faced, golden-furred, nine-tailed fox, and is known as the most talented woman in Japan because of her extensive knowledge and stunning beauty.

  • [Kitsune Hover]

    Deal shared DMG by 245%/297%/350% ATK to all front row enemies (not exceed 214%/256%/300% ATK/each enemy) and have 20%/30%/40% chance to inflict Curse effect (cannot be removed) for 2 rounds Curse effect deals DMG by 30% caster's ATK after 2 rounds (can be accumulated)

  • [Conjuration]

    ATK +10%/15%/20%, HP +20%/30%/40%, Crit Rate +5%/10%/15%

  • [Kitsune Bloodline]

    Activate Kitsune Bloodline to remove all debuffs and controlling effects, and recover HP by 20%/30%, increase ATK by 10%/20%/40% and increase DMG Reduction by 10%/15%/20% for 4 rounds when HP drops below 50% (cannot be removed). Increase Mahout allies' DMG by 10%/15% for 4 rounds and immune to all controling effects in Berserk condition. Rage restores to 100% after casting Kitsune Hover skill.

  • [Kitsune Marriage]

    DMG dealt increased by 5%/6% for each stack of Curse effect on the enemy (max 25%/30%). When attacked, Tamamo counterattacks to deal Curse DMG by 30% Tamamo's ATK after 2 rounds (cannot be remove. can be accumulated)

Demonic - Brenhild

Class Mage

Brenhild is the most famous of the Valkyries. She is the eldest daughter of the god King Odin.The Valkyrie - the maids of Odin in Norwegian and Germanic mythology - are also known as the "Seekers of the Spirits".

They rode with the Wild Hunt on horseback or flew into battle as gods to collect fallen warriors for the Valhalla. They are the goddesses of the Germanic mythology, but they are also female warriors who fly through the sky in battle armor and on horses.

  • [Undercurrent]

    Deal DMG by 73%/87%/105%/105% ATK to 4 random enemies and have 40%/50%/70%/100% chance to inflict Curse effect for 2 rounds. Curse effect deals DMG by 30% caster's ATK after 2 rounds (can be accumulated)

  • [Executioner]

    ATK +10%/15%/20%/50%, HP +20%/30%/40%, Crit Rate +5%/10%/15%/15%. At the end of the round, the enemies with Curse effect receive huge DMG (this DMG is not affected by control effect)

  • [Fallen Wings]

    Deal DMG by 93%/124%/155% ATK to all enemies, have 40%/50%/70% chance to inflict Curse effect for 2 rounds and recover HP by 10%/12%/15% MAX HP. Having 20%/30%/80% chance to increase DMG dealt by 1.3 time and Curse chance to 100%. Deal DMG withCurse effect by 30% of caster's ATK after 2 rounds (can be accumulated)

  • [Slaughter]

    Increase Curse DMG for all allies, DMG increase by 2000/4000+12%/15%/18% ATK+Levelx20 of Brenhild

Demonic - Medusa

Class Assassin

Medusa, also called Gorgo, is a serpent-haired demoness in ancient Greek mythology, one of the three sisters of Gorgon, the eldest sister is the "daughter of strength" Stheno, and the second sister is the "flying daughter" Euryale, and they live together on the other side of the Oceanus where the Night Land meets. Their father, Phorcys, is the son of Gaia and Pontus, the primordial sea god, and their mother is the sister of Phorcys, the sea monster, Ceto.

  • [Heretic Sorcery]

    Medusa deals DMG equal to 123%/143%/169% of ATK to all enemies with a 45%/50%/55% chance to inflict [Curse], causing the enemy to take DMG equal to 30% of the Medusa's ATK after 2 rounds (ignored DEF). This effect cannot be removed and can stack up.

  • [Gorgon]

    ATK +30%/35%/45%, DEF +25%/30%/40%, Skill DMG +5%/7%/10%

  • [Ray of Rot]

    Medusa deals DMG equal to 126%/105%/151% of ATK to all enemies. Has 10%/15%/20% chance to inflict [Coma] for 1 round to enemies under [Curse] effect (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds).

  • [Eternal Curse]

    DMG of Curse effect increased by 10%/15%/20%, each Basic ATK has 30%/40%/50% chance to inflict Curse effect (cannot be removed)

Demonic - Athena

Class Mage

Athena, also known as Pallas Athena, is the goddess of wisdom and war in ancient Greek mythology, one of the twelve main gods of Olympus and the three goddesses of Mount Olympus.
She is also the goddess of art and craft. The Tantra prayer calls her "the founder of the arts". She taught the arts of weaving, gardening, pottery, animal husbandry, painting, sculpture, music, etc. to mankind.
She is also the goddess of military strategy. She is the protector of navigation, agriculture, and medicine. The goddess of courts and order, she founded the first court of mankind.
Athena, together with Hestia and Artemis, is regarded as the three goddesses of Mount Olympus. She was first worshipped by the first people as the realm of the first colors, representing virginity and pure light.

  • [Death Sentence]

    Deal DMG by 133%/167%/207% ATK to all front row enemies and have 20%/25%/30% chance to inflict Silence effect, preventing them from casting Skill for 2 rounds

  • [War Goddess]

    ATK +30%,/35%/45% Crit Rate +5%/10%/20%, Skill DMG +5%/10%/20%

  • [Reaper Rose]

    Deal DMG by 238%/286%/343% ATK to the enemy with the lowest HP and recover HP by 10%/15%/20% DMG dealt (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds)

  • [Ghostly Light]

    DMG to Infantry and Archer increased by 5%/10%/15%

Demonic- Arthur

Class Assassin

Arthur Pendragon, known as King Arthur, is the legend of ancient Britain's most legendary great king. After the death of his father - King Uther, he succeeded in pulling out the 'Sword in the Stone' and became King of Britain.
King Arthur is an ancient legend, but there is no real evidence that he ever really existed. He is known more from Celtic myths and legends and medieval historical texts. Legend has it that he was the leader of the Knights of the Round Table, an almost mythical legend known as the "Eternal King."

  • [Shadow of Grief]

    Deal DMG by 171%/205%/246% ATK to all front row enemies

  • [Ice Dragonheart]

    ATK +20%/30%/40%, HP +10%/15%/20%, Crit Rate +5%/10%/15%

  • [Frost of Grief]

    Deal DMG by 433%/361%/520% ATK to 1 front row enemy and have 50% chance to enter Weakened condition avoiding all ATK for 2 rounds Killing the enemy allows Arthur re-cast the skill by 50% ATK (max 1 time) (skill will release on round 2, CD: 4 rounds)

  • [Death Knight]

    DMG to the enemies under 30%/35%/40% HP increased by 20%/25%/30%; Crit Rate increased by 20% to enemies with higher HP than caster's HP